2005 KOMATSU WB140-2N


Model (Turbocharged) Komatsu S4D106-2XFH
Type Vertical, 4-cycle water-cooled diesel engine.
Aspiration Turbocharged
Combustion Direct injection
Compression ratio 17:1
Number of cylinders 4
Cylinder, bore x stroke 4.2” x 4.9” (106 x 125 mm)
Piston displacement 269 in³ 4.4 ltr
Gross horsepower rating @ 2200 rpm 93 Hp 69.5 kW
Flywheel/net horsepower @ 2200 rpm (SAE J 1349) 87 HP 65.1 kW
Max. torque @ 1400 rpm 257 ft lb 348 Nm
Air cleaner Dry, dual element with dust evacuator and indicator
Electrical System
Electric circuit with protected connections in all exposed areas.
Voltage 12 V
Battery 120 Ah (860 cca)
Alternator 80 A
Electric starting 3 kW
Hydraulic System
The Hydraumind hydraulic system affords the operator very precise backhoe movements. This system is energy efficient and incorporates two different working modes: economy and constant power. The advanced hydraulic system includes the “speed up” function to increase the working speed of the front loader.
System HydrauMind
Type Closed center Load Sensing System (CLSS) with economy /power selector switch (power mode is the default setting)
Pump type Variable displacement axial piston
Pump control system Load Sensing set to adjust the hydraulic power
Main Valve “Load Independent Flow Divider” LIFD modular type
Max delivery 43.6 gal/min 165 ltr/min
Work pressure 3,000 psi 207 bar
Refill Capacity
Engine oil 2.1 US gal 7.9 ltr
Cooling system 3.7 US gal 14 ltr
Diesel tank 34.3 US gal 130 ltr
Hydraulic oil tank 24.3 US gal 92 ltr
Front axle oil 2.3 US gal 8.5 ltr
Rear axle oil 4.6 US gal 17.5 ltr
Gear box oil 4.5 US gal 17 ltr
The front wheels are controlled by a hydrostatic load sensing steering priority valve system.
Turning radius at outer edge of front tire:
Without Brakes 14’1” 4300 mm
With Brakes 11’2” 3400 mm
Heavy duty axles with planetary reduction gears in the wheel hubs. Front axle total oscillation angle is 20°. Differential lock in the rear axle controlled by electro-hydraulic system with a switch on loader lever.
Max front strength (Dynamic) 14,175 lb 6300 daN
Max front strength (Static) 35,406 lb 15750 daN
Max rear strength (Dynamic) 27,000 lb 12000 daN
Max rear strength (Static) 73,060 lb 32500 daN
Switching between 2WD and 4WD is achieved through an electrohydraulic system. The transmission is operated through a torque converter and a power shift reversing shuttle; the mechanical 4- speed gearbox is synchronized.
Travel Speeds: mph km/h
1st Forward 3.9 6.3
1st Reverse 3.9 6.3
2nd Forward 7.1 11.4
2nd Reverse 7.1 11.4
3rd Forward 13.2 21.3
3rd Reverse 13.2 21.3
4th Forward 23.5 37.8
4th Reverse 23.5 37.8
The design of the front loader allows for better tensile strength distribution and parallel movements when lifting and lowering the bucket. Due to the linkage geometry, the greasing points have been dramatically reduced.
Standard bucket width 7’9” (2355 mm)
Capacity (SAE) 1.25 yd³ (0.95 m³)
STD bucket weight 1,000 lb. (454 kg)
Lifting capacity at maximum height: 8,270 lb. (3675 daN)
Lifting capacity at ground level 10,580 lb. (4700 daN)
Breakout force 12,790 lb. (5685 daN)
The boom has a rounded profile and a reinforced structure built with cast ends, allowing 180° rotation while maintaining high rotation torque.
Bucket breakout force: 13,515 lb. (6005 daN)
Dipper digging force 8,825 lb. (3925 daN)


2005 KOMATSU WB140-2N, ready to works!


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